Thursday, October 22, 2009


I saw my Ob/Gyn this morning. I told her about having to go on the Pill while I was in Chicago and how I had a period a month later. I haven't had one, however, since September. She said I could be experiencing early menopause but we wont know for at least a few months. If I am having early menopause then I will need to go on hormone replacement therapy. She said I'm too young to go through it at this point. So, I guess it's hurry up and wait on this issue.

I'm feeling as good as ever and my walking continues to improve. Last weekend I noticed that walking down hill has become MUCH easier for me. I had been feeling that it might be but finally decided that this is the case when I had to walk down a ramp at a local school. I'm very happy about it, obviously!

On Sunday I attended a 'neighborhood re-union' party. I was one of 4 people there that has MS. The neighborhood that I grew up in is very small. There are at least 7 (that I can think of) people in the neighborhood with MS but 3 of them didn't grow up there. I've heard of cancer clusters but MS clusters?? I don't think it's anything more than a co-incidence to be honest but I find it interesting just the same!

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  1. oh Jane, I'm so glad to hear you're doing so well!!! wonderful news!!! (obviously I'm not talking about the early menopause thing ... actually you and I should talk!) keep up the great work! -- Anne B. :)