Thursday, September 9, 2010

No Chicago Visit

I was supposed to see Dr. Balabanov on September 7 but the plane never made it off the ground. I boarded at 6 15 AM and at 7 45 AM I decided to get off the plane. One of the engines was leaking fuel and there were various other problems or so they said. I wasn't about to hang around to see if the plane made it to Chicago even if it did get in the air. At least I made it home in time to see my kids before their first day of school. I called Dr. B's office to tell them I wouldn't make it that day but I didn't reschedule. If they call me and ask me to reschedule I will but I'm not going to offer. I'm not one for flying and that whole episode kind of freaked me out.

Several days ago I broke down and bought a cane. I used it in the airport but I wish I hadn't. I don't like the attention. I had someone ask me if I wanted a wheelchair, and if I could stand without it to go through security or if I wanted a pre-boarding pass. None of the above! I really didn't need it so I'm not happy with myself for bringing it. I only got it for 'just in case' situations. I haven't even looked at it since. I'm also back on the 12.5 mg dose of 4-AP without any trouble.