Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Next Chicago Trip

Yesterday I got a call from Dr. Balabanov's office saying that I need to go see him in February. Cory said that he feels strongly that I follow up with him instead of my local doctor. So, I booked the flight this morning. I will go out and return on February 17th. I will see Dr. B and Dr. Stewart. Aside from this there isn't much else to say. I continue to improve and am looking forward to a new and improved 2010! Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Doctor Visit

On Thursday morning I decided that it was time to see my local neurologist. They got me in that afternoon. I wanted to show him my progress and also talk about CCSVI which I had heard about a few days before. It stands for chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency. I guess the theory is that there are blockages in the veins that don't allow proper drainage of certain substances and that this is the cause of MS. I admit that I haven't done a ton of reading about it but I'm curious enough that I wanted his opinion on it. He said it's just a theory but mentioned a study that is going on in Buffalo. I meant to get info about the study from him but forgot to. It's an interesting theory to say the least.

His nurse asked me how I'm doing in general after the chemo and I only had positive comments. She asked me why I thought that this treatment isn't availabe to everyone. She said that, in her opinion, the low dose, monthly chemo treatments aren't helping his patients. I told her that Dr. Balabanov said that treating MS with chemo in that way is like cutting hair. It makes it short for a while but it just grows back. She asked me to tell him that. I didn't since I had mentioned it to him before. I think he's quite skeptical about this.

During my exam I neglected to ask him if I could do the strength portion last. Once I exert myself it takes several minutes to get back to normal so when I was asked to run my left heel along my right shin I couldn't do it. I left feeling like he was none too impressed. I did say to him after the exam that I wished he could have seen me walking around the waiting room. Oh well. I got a couple of refills and made another appointment for 6 months from now.

Still no monthly period. My hair is growing out of control in all the wrong places but I have amazing energy, still. That's about it for now.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Checking In

Just a small update here. Not much new to report. I'm still feeling really good and have tons of energy. Lately I'm concentrating on getting things done around the house. The weather has been cold and rainy so I haven't done much (anything) outside.

My hair is growing very quickly, some areas faster than others. I still haven't had a period since September so I'm guessing I'm going into menopause. I still need to wait a little while before I can have my hormone levels checked. I haven't gotten anymore work since it's such a busy time of year but I think after the new year I'll find more. I am working tomorrow and one day next week.

I've decided it's time to lose a few pounds. I'm eating much better and much less than usual. I'm sick of having my 'fat' jeans not fit. So I'm laying off the carbs I love so much and eating a lot of fruit and veggies. So far so good. That's it for now!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Please check out this link

Over Thanksgiving Andy, the kids and I went to see Jenny and family. She is the woman that not only told me about Hi Cy but also had it herself. I couldn't believe how well she is doing. I was blown away!

I would love for you to watch the video she posted on her blog. It shows her before Hi Cy and one year after the treatment. It brought tears to my eyes. Please, please watch it. It speaks volumes about this treatment.

The link is on the right side of my blog and here is the link again: