Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Three Month Visit

On November 13th I saw Dr. Balabanov. He is happy with my progress. I also had blood drawn for a DNA thing I'm participating in. That's it. Not much more to say. He wants to see me again in 3 months but I can't afford it. I'm going to see if I can see my local neurologist. That trip cost us about $1100. We had a great weekend though. We went to the Chicago Institute of Art. I was able to walk around for a few hours without trouble. I also walked through 3 airports on the way there, again, with no trouble.

A couple of days after we got back I started feeling sick. Sore throat, coughing etc. I was so ill on Wednesday morning that I couldn't even make it to the bathroom when I got up without having an accident. Andy had to dress me. I wasn't much better on Thursday morning. I finally decided to go see my doctor Thursday. She didn't test me but concluded that I had the flu. I remember having the flu about 10 years ago and I thought I was gonna die so I have my doubts about having it this time around. But, the point is, it kicked my butt. My temp never even got above 101. I'm feeling good now though!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween and Other Stuff

On the day before Halloween my 5 y/o came home from school with a temp of 102.2. He seemed to get over it pretty well and we made it out the next day for trick or treating for a short time. I started feeling a little yucky that afternoon and I had some walking trouble Halloween night. I made it though and I didn't fall. It seems like one of us is always sick lately.

I've really been pushing myself. I'm back to using the Velcro foot lifter apparatus and it helps me move faster. I've gotten mighty bored in the house so I decided it was time to try to go back to work. I had been cleaning houses before we had kids and I was doing two a day. It was hard work and I've been nervous about getting back into it but had to try. My butt isn't getting any smaller sitting around the house.

I'm no where near as strong or fast as I used to be but it feels good to be back at it. I only have two small jobs and I think I'll get a couple more so I have two a week and I'll stick with that for a while. I was originally planning to wait until after the new year. I'm exhausted when I get home but it's a good kind of physical exhausted!

Andy and I are flying to Chicago on Friday. I had my blood work last week. My hair is getting longer all the time. I still have loads of energy. I'll report about my visit with Dr. Balabanov next week.