Thursday, March 25, 2010


I was asked to post a photo of my hair growth since losing it. I'm going to try to post one now.

There isn't a whole lot to mention except that I'm feeling great. I'm amazed at how quickly I recover from wearing myself out. I'm walking straighter than ever and a lot of the time I'm almost walking normally. I love it!! I've been on my bike almost every day and I am trying to get into some kind of healthy aerobic condition. It's been a long time. My legs burn a little but I keep going. I also don't have to keep stopping to reposition my left foot on the pedal. Last year at this time I couldn't even keep my foot on the pedal without great effort.

Bottom line: I'm continuing to improve!!

1 comment:

  1. Holy Moses!!!! Love the hair!!!! I am still amazed at how quickly it comes back...for some reason, I just thought I'd be bald for a couple years...LOL! That's AWESOME!