Thursday, September 9, 2010

No Chicago Visit

I was supposed to see Dr. Balabanov on September 7 but the plane never made it off the ground. I boarded at 6 15 AM and at 7 45 AM I decided to get off the plane. One of the engines was leaking fuel and there were various other problems or so they said. I wasn't about to hang around to see if the plane made it to Chicago even if it did get in the air. At least I made it home in time to see my kids before their first day of school. I called Dr. B's office to tell them I wouldn't make it that day but I didn't reschedule. If they call me and ask me to reschedule I will but I'm not going to offer. I'm not one for flying and that whole episode kind of freaked me out.

Several days ago I broke down and bought a cane. I used it in the airport but I wish I hadn't. I don't like the attention. I had someone ask me if I wanted a wheelchair, and if I could stand without it to go through security or if I wanted a pre-boarding pass. None of the above! I really didn't need it so I'm not happy with myself for bringing it. I only got it for 'just in case' situations. I haven't even looked at it since. I'm also back on the 12.5 mg dose of 4-AP without any trouble.

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  1. Jane, you are so strong, and I admire you for taking the cane, just in case. My mother-in-law recently fell in front of her house because she refuses to look old (she's 80)by using her walker. She landed on her face! Needless to say she's using the walker now!

    You are so much like me! I hated the wheelchair coming home from RUSH. I felt like I could do it, but I wasn't aloud to try. Everyone wants to ask about the cancer that we never had...are you you need assistance...etc.

    Just got back from RUSH and didn't use any aid at airport, but still got asked if I need assistance! Due to my barely existent hair and limp when I walk. Ahhh, just leave me be, I'll get there!

    So many people with good intentions, but we're trying to get stronger and do it unassisted!

    Thank you tremendously for the estroven recommendation! I am leaving for Walgreen's now and can't wait to try it!

    Saw Dr. Stefoski and seems I'm healing. We'll have an MRI in December. So expensive to fly to Chicago and get a hotel! Booking now to save!

    Continued healing!