Sunday, June 28, 2009

Going Away Party

Yesterday some friends threw a going away party for me! They (and Andy) put together a good old New England Clam Boil. It's my favorite! I loved every minute of it. The kids all played with squirt guns and the hose and the adults ate and ate. I was also given a gorgeous basket filled with lotions and books about my favorite subjects- gardening and birds. There was lots of candies, gum and disinfecting wipes and other things that I might need to stay healthy and comfortable while I'm at Rush. My beautiful nieces made a picture frame and put a photo of themselves in it. The cards and messages that are inside them made me cry. I am so thankful to have such caring, supportive friends and family. Jenny (who had this treatment in November) gave them advice about what I might need. Thank you, all, for a wonderful time and for your support. I can't imagine going through this without all of you!


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  1. how wonderful, jane! i love that you are getting such support, love, and encouragement from everyone. you deserve it!!!!!!!