Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yup, it's been too long

I know I haven't posted since September. Sheer laziness, quite frankly! Anyway, what do I have to report? Well, I haven't lost any of the improvements I've gained from the Hi-Cy but don't feel like I've had any new ones, either. However, I DO have to say this: I worked in the very high humidity/heat today and I honestly can't believe how well I did! I'm shocked! That being said on to the complaints.

Menopause sucks! I am officially menopausal. The weight gain has me bummed out. Totally. I'm so disgusted that I've decided to stop saying I'm going to do something about it and actually DO something about it. In my quest to lose weight I think I will also improve my overall mobility so then, maybe, I can report that I have some new improvements next time I decide to post!

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