Thursday, May 28, 2009


This afternoon I got a call from Dr. Balabanov's office saying that my insurance will cover one day at Rush. Yippee!?? When Andy and I met with the staff there, a couple of weeks ago, we were told that this is typical of most insurance companies. They will just keep submitting claims on a daily basis and go from there. I'm confident that my insurance will cover this. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway...)

So, now I need to book some flights, get a laptop and learn about Skype. I just might even make an appointment to have my hair cut. I am going to donate it so I've been letting it grow and it's gotten much longer than I would normally allow it to. I wish I could make a wig out of it!


  1. I actually do know someone who made a wig of mostly all her own hair...but as I recall, it was VERY expensive...My nieces just grew their hair out for a year and donated it to Locks of Love and they were so proud of themselves!!

  2. Renee, I was told it would be about $12,000 to make a wig of my own hair! I cut about 6" off the other day. I wanted to wait and then donate it to LOL, as I have in the past, but I just had to cut it and I wasn't ready to go that short.