Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back to Chicago

A few days ago Cory, from Dr. Balabanov's office, called to remind me that I need to be taking Vitamin D and that I need to see the doctor again in late October or early November. I told her that I've been having trouble with the OTC Vitamin D. I didn't tell her that it had been weeks since I've taken any. She said I could go from 5000 units a day to 3000. I tried it and it still made me feel kind of sick. This morning I called the pharmacy and refilled my script for the Vitamin D. It's for 50,000 units a week but I figure that I'd rather take a little more than none at all. I've taken it at 50,000 units weekly in the past with no problems.

She set up an appointment for November 13th for me to see the doctor. He usually doesn't see patients on Friday but made an exception which I greatly appreciate. Andy's birthday is November 10th so we will make a weekend of it. I'm very much looking forward to hearing all of the positive things he has to say!

My hair is growing back like crazy. Not only is it getting longer but it's really filling in. I think that by the end of November my head will be covered. I'm still finding projects around the house that need doing. Yesterday I was moving furniture. One of the kids came home sick from school last week with a mild stomach bug. I remained unscathed. I did take him in to be seen by the pediatrician just to safe though.

I received a call from someone who is interested in this treatment today. I welcome the calls! I think it is important to get the word out about this so if anyone reading this would like to talk to me or email me directly or know of anyone that would please let me know. I believe in this 100%.

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