Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's been quite a bit cooler and dryer here lately and I'm feeling good! I've made great progress with the yard work and today I started in the house. The kids started school so I spent 5 hours cleaning their play room. It's a small storage/attic area that I can't stand in so it did a job on my back but other than that I did very well.

Instead of the afternoon fatigue that I'd been having I now have afternoon bursts of energy! This afternoon I had to go to pick up a kitchen sink that I had special ordered. I was able to walk through the (very large) store without a carriage and I never worried about falling. It was a great feeling.

My hair is starting to slowly grow back on my legs (oh well) and one or two eyebrow hairs had to be plucked this week. The hair growth on my head seems to have slowed to a crawl. I still haven't worn a wig but I did come close to wearing it at a wedding last WE. The wedding was outside, in the drizzle and on a slope. I was very nervous about slipping (a few people had fallen) so I had a death grip on Andy whenever I walked more that a couple of steps. I didn't fall though. I was on my feet the entire time except for about 15 minutes that I sat to have some wedding cake. I was sore the next day and felt like I had gone skiing for the first time in years. It felt good.

Now that the kids are in school I can concentrate on exercising and getting things done. I need to get the house in order first. So, bottom line is things are looking good!!

Oh, by the way, another woman that had this treatment last year spoke with Dr. Balabanov about 2 weeks ago and he told her how amazed he was by the improvements I had in Rush! I was very happy to hear that!

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