Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's Going On?

I'm going to chalk it up to the heat. I haven't been doing well the past several days. Everyone I talk to feels the same. Once I've been in A/C for a little while I do much better. The humidity has been low enough that I haven't felt the need for A/C in the house. Once I get running around with the kids and household chores, though, I feel unsteady. I'm refusing to let it get me down.

The Vitamin D I am taking is making me sick to my stomach. I've tried several methods of taking it and nothing works. It's interesting since it's only 500 IU daily. I had been on a script for 50,000 IU weekly and never had a problem. I may try another OTC brand or even call the doctor for a script.

I had an appointment with my local neurologist for tomorrow. I cancelled it today since my intention was to walk in there and show him my new abilities. Not gonna happen this week. I think with both kids being in school full time next week I'll be able to take better care of myself.

I broke down and did some weeding last night. I found plants (perennials) that I had forgotten I planted. The weeds were literally knee high. That made me feel good. I think I'm going to slip into the neighbor's pool while Andy has the kids occupied and do a few laps. Sweet Peace.


  1. It has been hot and even people without MS are having trouble with the heat. Remember, you went in the hospital 5 weeks ago to start this process. Your immune system was blown apart and rebuilt and you came home to the same routine. Give yourself time. Getting back what was lost will take time and hard work and you need to give your body and mind time to rest and adjust to the changes. Hang in.

  2. You're right Cherie. Today was cool and dry and I was absolutely fine. I ran around today school shopping and visiting grandparents etc. and while Andy made dinner I still had enough energy to vacuum the house! I feel great!

  3. It makes a world of difference....this weather thing! But you are also going to have to spend some time once you feel stronger retraining your muscles and nerves to do what they were intended to do. This is the beginning of a better life.

  4. yay! i stopped by to ask if things have been better now that the heat wave has passed and i love reading your comment! so exciting!

    we'll be in town for a week starting tomorrow, staying at my mom's while she's away. any chance i can steal you away for a cup of tea? or come by to offer in-person cheers and congratulations????