Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 13 2009

The weather has been sticky and hot here in Southern New England. I wasn't sure what to expect. Was the heat going to bother me as it always has? It has. I must admit, though, that I still have full use of my left hand. My walking has been as difficult as it has in the past but as soon as it cools down in the evening it's gotten better when it never did in the past. I'm greatly encouraged by that.

My hair never completely fell out (close) and it's already growing back. I have yet to put my wig on. My skin is as dry as ever and I totally blew it the other day when I spent some time at the beach without being under the umbrella. I tried, since I'm no sun worshipper, but it blew down one time too many so I gave up. After being on IV anti-biotics for a week and then oral anti-biotics for a few days I should NOT have been in the sun. I did use sunblock but it didn't do enough. Big mistake.

In general I have to say I'm feeling pretty good. I am going out and doing things with the kids that I never would have attempted a few months ago. I guess I just feel that it's only going to get better at this point so why not? It's refreshing after all these years of being afraid to venture too far from the house. The kids seem to have gotten used to me being bald and haven't even suggested that I wear my wig when we go out. I just wear a hat and I'm more than comfortable.

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