Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fifth Shot

My white count went down a little bit yesterday. I can't remember what it is but it's NOT how I wanted to start the day. Platelets are up to 119 so I think it's safe to say that I wont need a transfusion. I need to start walking around more. I noticed my ambulation is deteriorating from lack of exercise. I don't want to leave my room but I have to do it. I'm skeptical about how much a paper mask will keep out. I asked my nurse about getting more Neupogen and she said the same thing my doctor had told me last week but had forgotten. If the cells grow too fast it causes a "crowding situation" that is undesirable. I also need to get better sleep. I woke up at
5 30 AM, totally wired, so I checked email and got drowsy again and got a couple more hours of sleep. The toilet in the bathroom is also hissing so loudly it keeps me up. The plumber was here on Sunday. I hope he comes back today and fixes it! I ordered more for breakfast today since I've been hungry an hour later lately. It's nice to have an appetite. Still no hair on my pillow.

Just got the numbers. I went from .18 to .14.




  2. I know it is discouraging that it seems to be taking so long to get to the point where your counts are high enough to go home. But the wait will be worth it and produce the results you all want. Just pretend it's the week before Christmas and no peeking. The presents are wrapped(plane ride, trip home from the airport, hugs from the boys, specially made cards and banners, a clean house, and then time alone with Andy after the boys are finally asleep!). Do you open those presents early? No you do not! So you wait knowing the day will be perfectly tiring but satisfying.

    If the room is cool enough, you could do some stretches and lifts to build up muscle in the room. Ask for PT to bring some leg and arm weights (cleaned first) so you can have them to work out in the room. The mask will protect you for walks. (Maybe they can even bring in a stationary bike. In fact, why don't you see if you can get dressed and walk around the block with a mask or at least get outside for a few minutes. I think it might do you a world of good if they feel you are safe to do that.

    Or go up to the roof of the hospital and get some sun on your face (they all have roofs in the movies so this one MUST!)

  3. hang in there, jane!!! it's easy to say from over here but much harder where you are. i believe in you and in this treatment!!! sending our love and prayers and thoughts and reiki!!!

  4. Perfect Cherie!!! I'm going to visit a friend and do a few laps in a few minutes.

  5. Jane you are doing wonderful, so just stay there and get the attention you need! This is a short time in comparision to where you will be a couple of months to years from now! Enjoy the fussing over you, when does that happen these days!!!!!!!!!!!!