Thursday, August 20, 2009

More of my Confusion

The oncologist's office has been answering questions from me again. I still haven't heard if I'm OK to do any gardening but a normal white count for anyone is between 4. and 10. (4,000-10,000) I heard one of the nurses at Rush say something about 50,000 and I obviously misunderstood what she was saying. So, I am at a normal level.

I noticed last night that my eyebrows are very thin. I usually have to pluck them every day and I haven't touched them in about a week. I think my hair is still falling out in places. That's OK with me as long as I don't lose them completely. The humidity is still taking a toll on me but I have the A/C going again today and I feel much better. I was going to attempt to take the kids to the beach but the humidity is at about 84% right now so I wont chance it. I may get on my bike today (it's on a trainer inside) to get some aerobic exercise. I need it. I found those 7 lbs. I lost in the hospital. A few extra lbs., too!

I still have energy to spare in the morning but I'm getting tired by the afternoon. I am going to blame the heat for that. I think most people are feeling the same. The kids have decided that I look better with a head scarf instead of a wig. I'm glad. The wig is hot. I think they're coming to accept Mom as baldy!

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