Monday, August 10, 2009

Contacting Rush

Rush University Medical Center is in Chicago. There is an MS Center within Rush. The doctors in the MS Center are Roumen Balabanov, MD and Dusan Stefosky, MD. The phone number is:
312.942.8011. The website is: WWW.Rush.Edu

I recommend checking out this site for more info about high dose cyclophosphamide:

I completely believe in this treatment and would recommend it without reservation.


  1. I just spoke to Cory in the study coordinator's office. They still have 10 openings and one person who has expressed interest.
    You must have health insurance that will cover all costs
    You must be between 18 and 55
    You must have a diagnosis of MS
    Your EDSS needs to be between 3 and 6.5
    No immunosuppressive or immuno modulating meds for a period of 3 months prior to enrollment.

    Tests needed to be approved for the study:
    Chest X-Ray
    ECHOcardiogram (LVEF over 45%)
    MRI with and without contrast
    Hepatitis profile
    Herpes serologies
    HIV test
    PT, PTT (bleeding and clotting studies)
    Comprehensive metabolic panel
    CBC with diff and platelet count

    They need a letter from your neurologist or primary care with a brief history and the reason you are being referred for consideration in this trial.

    You must also travel to Chicago to Rush to complete MSFC and EDSS (disease intensity staging) and have a complete neurological exam.

    If it sounds like you may qualify and are willing to under go what Jane has described, feel free to call the phone number above. The website does not link you to this trial in any way.

    Cherie C. Binns, RN BS MSCN

  2. Check it out Jane:

    Ask others who you know, affected by MS to register at my website so that they can begin receiving our weekly published MS related e-Newsletter. Visit:

    After registering, you will be amongst those from (53) countries who already receive this publication each week.

  3. Cherie, the info you gave is great. Thank you. However, I'd like to mention that I am at 2.5 on the EDSS scale and I was told that more than 3-4 treatments of low dose Cytoxan would disqualify a person. Maybe that is only for the trial and not the treatment without the trial.
    Also, if Cory is in Drs. Balabanov and Stefosky's office she is new. The new co-ordinator just came on board about a month ago. I'm wondering if she is just 'finding her way around' at this point. Thanks for the info!

  4. I specifically asked Corey about previous Cytoxan use and she said as long as it was not within 3 months it was OK. But she also said she had only been on this job for two weeks so might not have all the answers. It's a shame I'm too old because my EDSS is 3-3.5 and this is something I personally would be willing to try.