Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sixth Shot

Ready for this? SIX FIFTY, BABY! I went from .14 to .65 in a day! The neurologist said that once the count reaches 500 it usually starts to double. I am on Cloud 9. The nurses tend to give the straight deal a little better than Dr. B since they are here seeing it all day, everyday. I was told this morning that it's really my neutrophil count that matters. Apparently, there are different types of white blood cells and the neutrophils are the type that do the infection fighting.

I had trouble having my labs drawn last night. It seems that there was a buildup of clotting tissue (can't remember the name) around my central line so I had to have something injected into it to clear it and that took an hour. So it was 3 AM before blood was drawn and that is why I don't have my neutrophil count yet.

I met with a physical therapist and an occupational therapist yesterday and both agree that I don't need either. The OC gave me some Therapeutic Putty to exercise my left hand. I did several laps around the hallways and feel good about my walking. The hair on my head is easily pulled out at this point but not just dropping out.

As of yesterday's measure I've lost 7 pounds and the PCT said she was concerned but I assured her it's because I'm not living on pasta and the usual junk I love so much. In fact, when I first started having my counts taken I was asked many times if I am diabetic. (I'm not) Time to make some serious diet changes at home. I've already made them here.

The plumber was here again and finally fixed the hissing toilet. I slept much better last night. My plumbing is working fine, too. On that note I'm off to find coffee!

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  1. I KNEW it! You're on the road. Start 'yer' engines! Home in a few days!

    And I have lots of good eating tips for you . Call me when you are ready to start treating the family to some really "good" food that is not overly costly.