Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I found out this afternoon that my neutrophil count is only .34. This is the count that has to be over 1000 (1.0) for two days. I saw Dr. Balabanov today and he thinks being home on Friday is really pushing it. He said possibly for Saturday or Sunday. The problem with being released on the weekend is that the surgeon that put the line in, Dr. Wool, has to take the line out. He isn't here on the weekends. One of the head nurses said she'd ask if it's possible to take the line out on Friday and have another, smaller line put in my arm. That way if I'm released on the WE a nurse can take it out. She said she'd let me know tomorrow.

I've done a lot of walking today and I'm feeling really good. My walking is much improved. I also found out that I will not have to modify my diet. I got the blessing to eat all the fruits and vegies I'd like AND I can eat raw shellfish. The only limit I will have is gardening. I have to wait until my counts are completely normal for that. Sick people are out, too.

This afternoon I got bored and started playing with tape. I stuck it to my head and pulled out rectangular areas of hair. I really wish I didn't since I look like a freak. I had to do as much as I could but some hair still isn't coming out. Now I wear a hat when I leave the room. I do NOT have a pretty scalp. When will I ever learn to leave well enough alone???


  1. You've revisited your childhood in your boredom. Sounds like something I did in Kindergarten just before school pictures.

    You do have scarves and wigs?

  2. Cherie, right before school pictures (when I was in kindergarten) the kid across the street and I played barber shop!