Saturday, August 1, 2009

Second Shot

I had my second neupogen shot this morning. My white count as of about 1 AM was .18 and my platelets dropped to 81. I'm still washing down laxative pills with a liquid laxative. I'm on my third cup of java so somethings gotta happen soon!

Had a restful night last night but ended up waking up at 3 AM wired. I read the whole booklet of what I need to avoid when I get home. Gardening is one of the things. I can't even so much as re-pot a plant. Oh well.

I had a visit from another woman here that is literally a couple of hours ahead of me with this treatment and she and I decided that we are going to be the poster children for this treatment! I was unhooked from the pole for now. I had my dressing changed and the paper tape took a layer of skin off. I thought the alcohol with the new dressing would sting but it didn't. I guess it's normal that skin sloughs off with this. An hour ago I sat on my bed and lifted my left leg up, over my laptop and put it down without a problem. OK, that's all the news for now.


  1. That is some low white count! Visualize Lucy and Ethel on the candy assembly line working faster and faster making candy and let your neupogen do the same thing for your white blood cells. ( I forget...are you old enough to remember that?)

    If ths doesn't work, ask them for a bottle of citrate of magnesia. Tastes terrible but does the trick with no cramping with the worst constipation in about 6-8 hours.

  2. soooo exciting about your leg!!!

    wow. those are some impressively low numbers. will they be tracking the white blood cell count now that you're getting the neupogen? i wonder how fast they expect it will go up? how many shots will you get? forgive me if you've already explained this somewhere! and dont feel you must explain it here!!

    now, why not gardening? too many critters in the dirt? too much for the immune system?

  3. Kyra, I have blood drawn every night at about 1 AM. It comes right out of my central line so no needles. My counts are available at about 6AM. I will have a shot every morning until my white count starts multiplying rapidly. I'm guessing maybe 2 or 3 more? No gardening because of spores in the soil. I will need to be extremely careful. I did get the OK to have the dog as long as she's vaccinated, though. I need to avoid soft cheeses, any food not Pastuerized and newly vaccinated babies, sick people or people that have been near sick people. Fun stuff. =)