Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gardening Decision

Dr. Shammo, the oncologist, called tonight while we were at the beach. She said that even though I am at a normal level for white blood cells my immune system technically still hasn't recovered. She said that if I feel I need to do any gardening then to be extremely careful, to wear a mask and wash my hands well afterwards. I will only pull weeds to be on the safe side. I wont do any digging in the soil. That's all I really need to do at this point anyway. What a relief!


  1. The concern here is that much soil in gardens has residue of horse or cow manure in it for fertilizer. The bacteria that both generate could be disasterous for you if your immune system is still not fully recovered and functional. Same with going to the beach. The ocean is teaming with bacteria from the animal life in it and the septic systems that leach into it. Add to that the high heat index and it is a breeding ground for bacteria for one who may not be able to fully handle that.

  2. As badly as I want to swim I haven't. I have only a small scab but I'm not taking any chances. I wonder what the criteria is for washing a dog that was just sprayed by a skunk? She's pedigreed and she's free! (Black Lab)

  3. Newbie visiting from Kyra. How horrible to have to curtail the pleasure of gardening, my only therapeutic outlet at the moment. So glad to hear that you're managing to continue.
    Best wishes