Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Countdown to Neutropenia

Is that an actual word? It is now. I should be neutropenic tomorrow and then I will start getting Neupogen shots on Friday to regrow my marrow. I should have a white cell count over 1000 within about 6 days or so and I'm sprung!! It's all good from there Baby!!

I've been passing the time looking at pigeons, and hearing some of the amazing success stories about others who have had this treatment. I also had a clean urine sample this morning but I still haven't been taken off the fluids. No big deal, it's a slow drip and I don't plan on going too far since I have to wear a mask at this point. I can't see over it and it's hot so I'm fine holed up in my room. ( The doctor just came in and told me it's OK to stop the IV drip! )

I've had a very positive attitude and the folks here are super friendly. I'm feeling good all around. A little shaky on my feet this morning but not too bad. I ventured out, twice, to get coffee and the second time I carried it back myself. I'm already noticing some improvements. I don't get rigid when I roll over in bed and I don't circumvent my left leg any longer when I walk. I can put my left leg right up on the bed without having to sit down and pull it up with my hands.
I spend a lot of time thinking about all of the things I am going to be able to do with my kids and Andy. I am so thankful to have this opportunity for a second chance and I'm going to spend the rest of my life making up for lost time. Most of all, I want my Dad to see me walk normally again.

So, I feel like I might be jinxing myself but here goes. I am going to shoot for being sprung on or before the 15 th of August which just happens to be my aunt's 101 st. birthday! Maybe I'll be home to call her!


  1. Jane, that's wonderful news!!! I am so happy for you!! It's hard work being holed up in your room like that, but I know you know it's worth it!
    -- Anne B.

  2. Great news! But you didn't post your counts today and I feel like something is missing. Love that your gait is improving. Nice to be rid of the drip and not be so tied down.

  3. THAT IS SO FANTASTIC JANE!!! i'm so sorry i haven't been able to catch up until. my computer died last tuesday and i had to get a new hard drive which i finally got back and so i'm up and running today. i guess you're getting a new hard drive in a way, a new immune drive. it sounds like you are doing GREAT!!! i'm thinking of you a ton and sending my love!!!!!!

  4. I love reading these posts, and hearing the optimism in your prose....It sounds as though things are on their way up!!!! I am so thrilled for you , Jane!!