Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finders Keepers ( I hope)

With all of this lousy food I managed to find my waist today. I hope I can hang onto it. I am on more fluid since I have urine in my blood. I started spotting a couple of days ago so any slight amount will test positive. This morning, right after I showered, I urinated and tested it myself and it was negative. I know I'm fine, bladder wise, but they can't take my word for it. Oh well. OK, the Benadryl is kicking in and I'm gonna pee for the bazillionth time in the past hour then off to La La Land. Goodnight.
Oh, there was a woman that was here for this same treatment exactly a year ago and she was out in 18 days. I'm shooting for that!! Must have hope!!


  1. Well, that would be nice...coming home early August. But you must stay as long as you need to be safe. I would imagine the plane trip home would be with a mask.

    And I think you meant to say you have blood in your urine not urine in your blood...please Dear God...no urine in the blood!

    And you do know this treatment can mess with your periods?

    Can't imagine you having trouble finding your waist. You're so thin! I'm assuming you've been really bloated and that is taking care of itself.

    Blessings my friend.

  2. Cherie, I got such a laugh out of that goof I'm going to leave it!!!

  3. Laughter is good medicine. Especially when you can laugh at yourself.