Thursday, July 23, 2009


When I got back to my room from posting a few minutes ago I saw that Andy had called. His flight is delayed by an hour. Also, I found out yesterday that I can't have any flowers/plants in my room. Today I was told that in a day or two I will have to stop eating any raw food. I've been enjoying fresh blueberries, salad etc. Oh well. Is ice cream considered raw??

Thank you to all my friends and family for your help and good wishes. Thanks to Leonora and Matt for the awesome cookout you had for me last WE and to all who attended and brought food! I would do about anything right now for some sliced tomatoes with mozzarella, basil and olive oil! I am especially grateful to all of you that are helping with the kids. I couldn't be here without your help. I love you!!


  1. Dear Jane:
    Hi there, this is Colette, Jen's stepmom.
    Just wanted to you to know that I am praying for you and hope that your outcome is as favourable as Jen's has been. Best of luck to you and your lovely family, Colette

  2. Hi Colette, thank you for your good wishes. I wouldn't be here without Jen's support and urging. XO

  3. Jen is my hero. Thank goodness she had the strength to keep searching for a better treatment and the courage to go for it. Pass it on!
    Best, Colette

  4. Hi Jane,

    Hope you are doing ok!
    Hang in there. Is andy coming to be with you?
    Take Care

  5. Colette, Jen is my hero, too, since I'd most likely never have heard of this otherwise. She's also my inspiriation.

    Craig, Andy was here for a couple of days but really needs to be with the kids. Thanks for your thoughts!