Saturday, July 25, 2009

Three down, one to go

Last night was tough. The anti-nausea drug I'm given each night before my chemo is a steroid. It made me freak out last night. I was convinced they were trying to kill me and I wanted to rip tubes out of myself and go home. After talking to a nurse about it I started to calm down. Much better this morning. I lost 4 pounds of water weight and had a bit of an appetite this morning. I'm out in the family room now for the first time since Thursday. I had my head shaved about an hour ago. G.I. Jane. Lots of heart burn, though, and I have to drink some chalky goop every once in a while. Very tired. Counts for today are:
White 8.99
Red 3.71
platelet 143


  1. I'm sorry to hear it was a rough night last night. You are a trooper! I'm so glad you were able to calm down after talking to the nurse. You have a lot of people sending good thoughts your way!!
    -- Anne B.

  2. Can you ask for Zofran or Anzmet or Phenergan for nausea instead of the Decadron. Steroids can do some pretty awful things to your psyche and metabolism.

    However, with the clinical trial, they probably have set medication profiles they must follow. It never hurts to ask though.

  3. I am hoping and praying that tonight is smoother and more restful for you. As illness is taken from your system, may health and strength replace it. And may you be aware of the many hands, hearts and prayers that are holding you and helping you through all of this.