Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Off Drip, On Drip

I was off the drip for a few hours this afternoon but by that time I couldn't really leave my room. I am back on again. These doctors are driving me nuts. I even gave them another clean urine tonight but it's more "just until tomorrow" again. Whatever. It's for my safety although I'm sure there's a lot more involved on their end. I have no right to complain so I'll shut up about that. I did see a white crowned pigeon today for the first time. I know, big whoop. I never did get my counts printed out for me but as of 1AM last night my white count was about 1.3 according to what Dr. Balabanov said this afternoon. My platelets are still good. Oh, I was under the impression that my red count would also be brought to 0. This was a mistake. It wont.

I love to see Dr. Balabanov walk in. He is the poster child for optimism. He is always so cheerful and he always comments on how he noticed that my "bad leg" is bent with no problem etc. Today when he came in he said "What's going on? You're in regular clothes, jewelry..." I said "I'm getting out of here that's what's going on!"


  1. when are you getting out of there??? are you off to a different room? section? i thought you were there until the 15th???


  2. It's sometimes really spirit lifting to do the clothes and makeup and jewelry just to tell the world (and yourself when you look in the mirror) that all will be well and you are a fighter and a beautiful woman to boot!

    Unfortunately the "but you look so good" will come into play when we do this and others think we have miraculously recovered.

    Your leg is a phenomenal change! I have watched it become less manageable over the past couple of years and I know what a thrill it is to get back something you thought gone forever. They tell us there are no cures. Our drugs for MS can slow progression but we never get back what we've lost. Well that's simply not true. You've proven it. I've proven it. Others have proven it.

    All I can say is, "You go girl!"