Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last Dose Done

I had the last dose of Cytoxan last night. No problems this time. It turns out that it was given to me too fast Friday night and that's why I freaked out. I'm happy to have it done. Now comes the really tough part. In the next few days I will become neutropenic, meaning not having an immune system. I will feel like total crap. I most likely won't get out of bed. Then I will be given neupogen that will encourage my new immune system to grow. Hopefully, that one will be healthy and won't attack my nervous system that way the current one does. I doubt I'll be blogging. Feeling pretty lousy now. Vomiting a little but I can deal. Counts for today:
red 3 58
white 7 23
platelet up to 150 which is probably good. Don't want to have to have any blood transfusions. I post these since when my red and white hit 0 I'll be neutropenic. That's it for now. Thanks for all the emails. XO


  1. It's not always easy to stay positive and focused when you're feeling poorly. We will understand if you're not updating daily. We also know what a novel and potentially risky thing this is that you are doing and what promise it seems to hold for those who cannot get their MS fully managed any other way.

    Be grateful for your air conditioned room. It's muggy and cloudy and hot here raining off and on all day. The flats were flooded Friday it had rained so hard. Saugatucket overflowed its banks. I'll bet the boys had fun stomping puddles.

    You rest and we will continue holding you.

  2. Cyclophosphamide generally causes blood levels to drop the most at about 10 days after a dose so it would seem that you would bottom out somewhere between the first and 3rd of August. Your counts even after 4 doses are well within normal range. I tell you this only to prepare you for the possibility of feeling a bit worse now that it's over and you've had a chance to take a break on the meds for a bit.

  3. Thinking of you Jane...sending lots and lots of healthy wishes your way...I'm hoping the next few days go quick, and you are able to get some rest through it all.....lots of love..xoxoxoxoxox renee and jay

  4. hope you can keep your spirits up, even if you are feeling poorly, Jane! You are a strong woman!

    If you want a laugh, look at all of the silly reunion photos I posted on fb! (mostly self-portraits I took holding my camera over our heads!) You have many people sending good thoughts your way!

    Anne B.