Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Dose Done

I finished the first Cytoxan dose at about 10 30/10 40 last night. No nausea to really speak of. I had a slight headache but it was gone almost immediately after I finished. I had a CBC (complete blood count) at 1 AM The numbers are as follows: White blood count was 10.73, a little high from the chemo and the red was 4.09 which is within normal range. My sodium was low which surprised me since I'm a salt addict and my sugar was high! I had to have 2 g of magnesium since it was a little low and they gave that to me at 5 30 AM. I had no trouble with the drawing of the blood this time. Thankfully.

I am hooked up to fluids 24 hours. I found out yesterday that I can not take a shower for a week! I can shower from the waist down only with the sprayer hose. This means no hair washing. I decided this afternoon that I am going to cut my hair short tonight so I can at least wash it in the sink with a cloth or something. Andy wanted me to wait until he left. He left about an hour ago.

I washed some undies in the sink and hung them in the shower to dry. I also had to have my meds verified and locked up. I started an oral contraceptive on Sunday but a nurse came in about a half hour ago to tell me that I need an IM (intra muscular) shot for birth control. I assured her that pregnancy is not a possibility and told her that having an IM shot would put me over the edge. I'm a wuss. Sub cu I can do. Not IM. She relented and made me promise I'd get another script when I get home.

I did a lot of walking with Andy today and we played cards and Scrabble. I got my butt kicked, like usual. OK, I'm on a public computer so I should go so I don't hog it. It has a regular sized keyboard that is at a normal height so it takes half the time or even less to use it. I think Andy might be boarding his flight about now.

Don't worry about me Honey. I'll be fine. You just worry about the kids. I love you.

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